24. Oktober 2023

Generating clean energy is the easy part Generating clean energy is the easy part

Dr. Frank Umbach in "Geopolitical Intelligence Services" Report: "A successful transition to renewable-dominated energy systems requires high-capacity intelligent electricity grids. Building them fast enough is an enormous challenge."

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Alle Bilder in Originalgröße herunterladen Der Abdruck im Zusammenhang mit der Nachricht ist kostenlos, dabei ist der angegebene Bildautor zu nennen.

The aging electricity grids of today need unprecedented multibillion-dollar investments to make them digitalized, smarter and flexible enough to meet energy transition demands: higher data exchange, maximized efficiency and the prevention of blackouts or unsynchronized generation. 

There will be no successful Energiewende, a sustainable decarbonization and overall green-energy revolution of the future, without the backbone of a modernized electricity grid.

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