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Prof. Dr. Xin Zhang

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Twitter: @zx999

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Xin Zhang is Associate Professor at the School of Politics and International Relations, East China Normal University, Shanghai. He also works in the roles of Deputy Director and Research Associate at the Center for Russian Studies, East China Normal University, Shanghai. His work experience abroad has taken him to Reed College, Oregon as an Assistant Professor from 2010-2012, among others. Since 2023, in addition to his work as a Visiting Fellow at CASSIS, he has been a Fellow of the Academy of International Affairs-NRW in Bonn.

Research Focus

Political Economy | Political Sociology | Political Geography | Russian and Eurasian Politics

Selected Publications

  • Zhang Xin (2023): “Big Triangle” No More? Role expectation and mutual reassurance between China and Russia in the shifting US-China-Russia relations. Asian Perspective.
  • Zhang Xin (2022): The Ukrainian War as Inter-imperial Rivalry. Beijing Cultural Review (Wenhua Zongheng) No. 3, 40-48. (in Chinese) 
  • Maximilian Mayer & Zhang Xin (2021): Theorizing China-world integration: sociospatial reconfigurations and the modern silk roads. Review of International Political Economy, 28(4), 974-1003. 
  • Zhang Xin (2020): “Competition in Convergence: US-China Hegemonic Rivalry in Global Capitalism”, in Hegemony and World Order: Reimagining Power in Global Politics, edited by Piotr Dutkiewicz, Tom Casier, and Jan Aart Scholte, Routledge, 195-207

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