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Politics and Governance of Global Infrastructures


Technological infrastructures connect people, societies, political fields and economies in a highly interconnected global civilization in many different ways. Even if they often remain hidden or are assumed to be fixed constants, infrastructures are co-constitutive for forms and processes of global politics in equal measure. They are of enormous importance for the institutions and structures of globalized international relations as central arenas of power and in some cases even possess actor quality in a phase of global techno-social transformation.

This interdisciplinary research project uses different methods, access points, and theoretical approaches to examine the political debates that revolve around infrastructures and range from everyday situations to security policy, as well as their structural effects. It also analyzes intergovernmental negotiations and multi-actor cooperation for their improved governance. Research results are linked to the development of solutions and strategic options.


Participating Researchers

Dr. Ying Huang

Research fellow (Prof. Dr. Maximilian Mayer)

Nicolas Huppenbauer, MSc

Research fellow (Prof. Dr. Maximilian Mayer)

Yen-Chi Lu, MA

Research fellow (Prof. Dr. Maximilian Mayer)

Louisa Schmökel

Research assistant (Prof. Dr. Maximilian Mayer)

Maria Ullrich, MA

Research fellow (Prof. Dr. Maximilian Mayer)

Research Projects

Infrastructures of China's Modernity

Supported by the state government of NRW

Surveying the Strategic Digital Policy

Supported by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, China/Shanghai Office

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