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The Project "Digital Fragmentations and Digital Sovereignty" will be funded by the TRA 4

Kopie von Warteraum Zoom - Logos Drehscheibe NRW.png"Congratulations!" The project “Digital Fragmentations and Digital Sovereignty“ by Dr. Ying Huang and Prof. Dr. Maximilian Mayer will be funded with resources from the University of Excellence Initiative via the Transdisciplinary Research Area "Individuals, Institutions and Societies" (TRA 4) of the University of Bonn. With this project, CASSIS seeks on making a contribution to further extend the impressive research landscape of the University of Bonn and strengthen regional and global knowledge networks.

Researchers within TRA 4 investigate how institutions (market, law, culture) mediate complex relationships between the individual and societies and from there develop a new view of micro-phenomena (development of personality, agency, individualization) as well as macro-phenomena (world society, globalization). The aim is to identify key factors that influence social cohesion, equal opportunities, efficiency, the conservation of resources, and the development of individual agency in this complex interplay.

The now funded project by Dr. Huang and Prof. Mayer focusses on the interaction and implications of the idea of digital sovereignty on the one hand and on the growing fragmentation of cyberspace and internet governance on the other hand. It seeks to create a network, which will evolve into a national and international visible platform of the University of Bonn. During the annual pilot phase, an online conference will be held and an anthology edited. Secondly, the project will involve TRA-internal interdisciplinary young scientists of the University of Bonn in this future-oriented topic. Concurrently, the project is explicitly directed to young scientists of universities, which are participating in this project as cooperation partners. Thirdly, an innovative, research-related course focussing on the topic “Digital Fragmentations and Internet Governance” is planned for the winter semester 2021/22, which will make this topic accessible to students of the University of Bonn while involving selected experts and practitioners from CASSIS’ network.

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