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Transatlantic Relations in
Times of Global Power Shifts


With the arrival of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States, America will realign its leadership role in the world. Now is the opportunity for Europe and the US to write a new chapter in transatlantic relations and thus put the partnership between Germany and America on new footing. For Germany, this opportunity is linked to the challenge of introducing new ideas, adapting its strategies to the changing reality, reviewing existing instruments of political and economic governance and redefining the priorities for action. Currently, the global structure is changing dramatically. Simply continuing on the same path would lead the transatlantic relationship into a dead end. In the strategic competition of the future, the main concern is ensuring the possibility of a life of freedom, security, prosperity and sustainability. North America and Europe will only be able to survive this competition together. The competition will manifest itself in many different ways, especially within international organizations, in the struggle for trade, health, security, environmental and human rights standards or property rights. The most serious consequence of this competition will be a geo-economic reorganization of the world, in which the maps of power and influence will be redrawn.

The transatlantic focus of CASSIS aims to create new formats of transatlantic exchange in cooperation with partner institutions in the United States, to initiate cross-thematic, future-oriented joint research projects and to provide momentum for a new beginning in transatlantic relations.

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