18. January 2021

A new proactive target for Germany to combat SARS-CoV-2. Part 1. A new proactive target for Germany to combat SARS-CoV-2. Part 1.

Prof. Dr. Menno Baumann, Prof. Dr. Maximilian Mayer et. al.

Paper by Prof. Dr. Maximilian Mayer, among others, on the fight against Covid-19.

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The paper outlines a sustainable way to manage the pandemic. The strategy presented here aims to avoid new infections, deaths, and further nationwide lockdowns. It consists of three core elements: First, a rapid reduction of infection levels to zero. Second, the prevention of re-entry into Green Zones established through local mobility controls, testing and quarantines. Third, rigorous outbreak management in case of sporadic occurrence of new cases.

Germany had achieved a low-incidence situation in June/July of last year with great effort, but was unable to stabilize it. For this to succeed now, there is a need for a specific and uniform overall target across the country, as well as a consistent strategy for the lifting of the lockdown and the period thereafter. The NO-COVID target and the green zone strategy we advocate have already been successfully applied by several countries, enabling their populations to return to normality as far as possible. This path is also possible and right for the Federal Republic of Germany and other European countries.

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