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pandemic management

Assessment of Evolving International
Infrastructures and Pandemic Management

Governmental Responsiveness, Innovation and Politics of Care in International Comparison


This project investigates international approaches to pandemic management in relation to political decision-making and design processes during the current corona crisis. It relates change and continuity of epidemic infrastructures and processes before and during the pandemic to broader societal, social, political, economic and epidemiological developments. Based on in-depth country case studies, this project particularly focusses on politics and policies of care in global contexts. It contextualizes existing and emerging governance structures as well as political responsiveness, learning processes, turning points and (changes of) strategy under acute crisis conditions. The aim of this project is to identify strategic options that may point the way for future pandemic management strategies in Germany towards children, elderly people and intergenerational matters considering broader European and global contexts. This project is part of the collaborative research project egePan Unimed (Entwicklung, Testung und Implementierung von regional adaptiven Versorgungsstrukturen und Prozessen für ein evidenzgeleitetes Pandemiemanagement koordiniert durch die Universitätsmedizin) funded by the Germany Federal Ministry for Education and Research BMBF.

Duration: November 2020 – May 2021


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Dr. Katharina C. Cramer, project leader

Janna Hartmann

Julia Holz

Kilian Knorr

Philip Nock

Anna Pott

Miriam Siemes, MA

Jan David Zabala Gepp

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