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Franco-German security relations

Germany and France have come a long way since the end of the Second World War. Today, they are more closely interlinked than ever before in their history; particularly in the political, economic and scientific spheres, and historically they have repeatedly provided decisive impetus for European unification. The Élysée Treaty of 1963 established a treaty against history and has become an exemplary model for successful reconciliation between former enemies. Since the transformations of 1990, the political framework has changed fundamentally. Today, the European Union faces a multitude of strategic, economic, cultural and political challenges. What impact do these changes have on Franco-German relations? What historical forces are still at work? How can France and Germany further develop a common strategy in security policy?

Together with a group of German and French experts from academia and politics, a regular dialogue process will be conducted to identify differences and similarities in the respective strategic cultures, to identify future fields of action for Franco-German security relations, and to develop a common strategic approach. Three meetings of the Franco-German dialogue group are planned for 2021. A report prepared by the group on the future of Franco-German security relations will be presented at the International Security Forum Bonn in October 2021. The project will also result in several dissertation projects and individual projects with French partner organisations, which will be presented for discussion at public events throughout the year.

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