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Nicolas Huppenbauer, MSc

Doctoral Student and Research Fellow (Prof. Dr. Maximilian Mayer)


Address: Römerstraße 164, D-53117 Bonn, Germany
Twitter: @NicHuppenbauer

As of April 2024


Nicolas is a PhD candidate and research fellow in the research group "Infrastructures of China's Modernity". Before starting his work in Bonn, Nicolas gained research experience as student assistant at the Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS) and as research fellow at the Shanghai Institute for International Studies (SIIS). In addition to degrees in environmental engineering and management from the Technical University of Munich, Nicolas has enjoyed extensive language training in Mandarin at universities in Trier, Beijing and Shanghai. Nicolas is a scholarship holder and alumnus of the ERP and China programs of the German National Academic Foundation.

Research Interest

Science and Technology Studies | International Relations | China Studies | Innovation Studies 

Doctoral Project

How do ideas of 'connectivity' shape Chinese policy on digital technologies? What are the issues that arise, when connectivity has to be negotiated in transnational fora? And how are these issues resolved against the backdrop of rising geopolitical tensions? Nicolas Huppenbauer's dissertation "Negotiating Connectivity: The Coproduction of Chinese Technopolitics and Transnational Digital Infrastructure" investigates these questions through in-depth case studies on smart city and automated driving in China and abroad.

Research Projects


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