Nelson Quame
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Nelson Quame

Katekisama Fellow


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Nelson Quame is a PHD Student in Political Science from the University of Ghana. In the Katekisama framework, he researches on the topic "The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) in the Emerging Economic World Order". He holds a Master of Philosophy in Political Science and a Bachelor of Arts. Besides that he worked as a Research Assistant at the Centre for Asian Studies of the University of Ghana.

Research focus

China-Africa Relations | Political Economy of China| I Infrastructure Development in Africa


  • Quame, N. (2022). The Making of Modern Japan: Power, Crisis, and the Promise of Transformation, written by Myles Carroll, African and Asian Studies (published online ahead of print 2022). doi:
  • Amoah, L. G. A., & Quame, N. (2021). Power-with and Power-to and Building Asian Studies in Africa: Insights from the Field. African and Asian Studies, 20(1-2), 200-222.

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