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Dr. Sven Herpig

Associate Fellow


E-Mail: sherpig@stiftung-nv.de
Telephone: +49 (0)30 81 45 03 78 91

Twitter: z_edian


Dr. Sven Herpig is project director for Cybersecurity Policy and Resilience.

Sven Herpig’s current focal areas include the attack surface of machine learning with regards to national security, geopolitical responses to cyber operations, government hacking and vulnerability management.

Sven Herpig served as subject matter expert in the German parliament’s committee hearings on IT security, military cyber and information space and digital sovereignty and for the European Union study on Legal Frameworks for Hacking by Law Enforcement. He held the keynote at the G7 Digital Ministerial Meeting 2022 and presented his work inter alia at the US Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus, the European Parliament, the German parliament and the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute. Sven Herpig regularly appears in German and international media.

Before Sven Herpig joined the Stiftung Neue Verantwortung, he was working with Germany’s federal government for several years. First, he worked with the IT security staff at the Federal Foreign Office. He then became deputy of the cyber security and society unit at the Federal Office for Information Security. His PhD analyzed the strategic implications of cyber security and cyber operations for the state.

Sven Herpig is active in the following advisory boards, blogs and working groups:

  • Advisory Council for the EU Cyber Diplomacy Initiative - EU Cyber Direct
  • Ad hoc working group on artificial intelligence and cybersecurity of the European Cybersecurity Agency
  • Contributing editor for the Directions blog
  • Federal working group on cybersecurity of the economic council of the CDU
  • Advisory Council for the Federal Office for Information Security annual IT security congress
  • Advisory Council “Deutschland sicher im Netz” (DsiN)

Research Interests

Cybersecurity Policy | Resilience | Security Policy in Cyberspace| Cybersecurity  and Geopolitics

Research Projects

Selected Publications

You can find an extensive list of publications here.

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