Prof. Dr. Wu

Prof. Dr. Huiping Wu

Senior Research Fellow


Telephone: +86 21 65982835


Prof. Dr. Huiping Wu is a professor at Tongji University Shanghai, China, where she is Vice Rector of the German Research Center and Head of the German Faculty. She is also Vice Director of the Shanghai Institute for European Studies (SIES) and a board member of several Chinese academic associations such as the Chinese Association for European Studies. Prof. Wu was a scholarship holder of the Hanns-Seidel-Foundation and a participant in the "Diplomacy by Networking" of the German Foreign Office. She received her doctorate from TU Darmstadt and worked in the political department of the Chinese Embassy in Germany. Her publications include various monographs, anthologies, articles in various journals and newspaper articles. Prof. Wu has lectured at numerous conferences and renowned international scientific institutions at home and abroad.

Research Interests

Political parties and elections | Foreign and security policy | Political and social trends | Migration and integration | European integration | Education policy | Sino-German and Sino-European relations

Research Projects

  • Germany's National Security Strategy
  • Europe's strategic autonomy
  • Sino-German and Sino-European relations in the post-Merkel era

Selected Publications

  • Wandel des Parteiensystems der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (1990-2021), Beijing: Social Science Academic Press (China), 2023
  • Migration und Integration: Integration von muslimischen Migranten und kulturelle Grenze Europas, Shanghai: Shanghai People's Publishing House, 2015
  • Hintergrund, Inhalte und Ausblick der ersten Nationalen Sicherheitsstrategie für Deutschland, in: Deutschland-Studien 4/2023, S. 4-24
  • Entwicklungstrend der linken sozialen Bewegungen in Westeuropa in politisch turbulenten Zeiten, in: Modern World 1/2023, S. 66-71
  • Vier Erklärungsmuster zum Ursprung des Aufstiegs vom Populismus in Europa und Entwicklungsmerkmale der populistischen Parteien, in: Modern World and Socialism 3/2022, S. 123-132
  • Strategische Autonomie Europas: Hintergrund, Konzeption und Implementierung, in: Deutschland-Studien 3/2021, S. 23-45
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