Xiangming Chen
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Prof. Dr. Xiangming Chen

Visiting Fellow


Xiangming Chen is Paul E. Raether Distinguished Professor of Global Urban Studies and Sociology at Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut. Before that, he served as the founding Dean and Director of Urban and Global Studies at Trinity College from 2007-2019. He also holds the positions of Distinguished Guest Professor in the School of Social Development and Public Policy at Fudan University in Shanghai and Adjunct Professor at the Graduate School of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences in Shanghai, China.

Research Focus

Urban Development | Infrastructure | Globalization | Belt and Road Initiative

Selected Publications

  • Xiangming Chen with Julie Tian Miao and Xue Li. 2020. The Belt and Road Initiative as Epochal Regionalisation. United Kingdom: Routledge and the Regional Studies Association.
  • Xiangming Chen. 2005. As Borders Bend: Transnational Spaces on the Pacific Rim. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
  • Xiangming Chen. 2022. “A (Long) Tale of Two Leaders: Charting the Spatial and Sectoral Roles of the West and China in Shaping Past, Present and Future Economic Globalization(s).” New Global Studies (published online September 30); https://doi.org/10.1515/ngs-2022-0002.
  • Xiangming Chen. 2021. “Reconnecting Eurasia: A New Logistics State, the China-Europe Freight Train, and the Resurging Ancient City of Xi’an.” Eurasian Geography and Economics (published online September 17); https://doi.org/10.1080/15387216.2021.1980075.
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