Ningjie Zhu

Doctoral Student & Research Fellow (Prof. Dr. Maximilian Mayer)



Phone: +49 151 54351969

Address: Römerstraße 164, D-53117 Bonn, Germany


Ningjie Zhu studied International Studies and Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China. He then went to KU Leuven to study International Politics with a focus on cross-strait relations. Since April 2022 he is employed as a research fellow at the University of Bonn and together with Prof. Maximilian Mayer responsible for the subproject "Infrastructure of Manipulation”.

Research Interests

Technopolitics | Social Control | Surveillance Studies | State-Society Relationships | Institutional Changes in Contemporary Chinese Studies | Political Mobilisation

Doctoral Project

In his dissertation, Ningjie Zhu explores the implications of the Chinese concept of 'Social Governance' to deepen the understanding of state-society relations in China under the leadership of the Xi administration. He argues that this shift in official Chinese discourse (from 'social management' to 'social governance') marks the beginning of a new phase in which innovative algorithmic solutions are widely deployed. The purpose of this is to strengthen the party-state's control over society and the internal "party apparatus" down to the grassroots level, which previously, after periods of reform and opening, threatened to slip away from the state.

Research Projects

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