CASSIS Library

The CASSIS operates a library on the following topics:

  • Global Infrastructures
  • Global Technology and Digital Policy
  • Digital Durveillance
  • Chinese Memory and History Politics
  • Chinese Modernity
  • Strategic Studies

The library is affiliated to the library of the Institute of Political Science and Sociology and complements the research project 'Infrastructures of Chinese Modernity and their constitutive global effects'.

© Jessica Ruscello/Unsplash

Library collection & loan period

The library's holdings (Signature Ta) can be accessed via the search function of the bonnus search portal. The library is listed under the abbreviation "Politologie Soziologie/CASSIS".

The regular loan period is two weeks.


Römerstraße 164
D-53117 Bonn (Castell)
Room 4.023 (4th floor)

Opening hours

Every tuesday, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Lending dates outside regular opening hours are set by personal arrangement via e-mail.


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