Standards und Staatskapitalismus – Chinas Rolle bei der Setzung internationaler Normen

11 May 2023 | 18:30 - 20:00 | Online via Zoom

The spread of global markets and the scientific and technological measurement of the world have significantly driven the setting of internationally valid standards in recent decades. In this context, China's growing and state-centric influence on global standards has become an important driver of technological, but also power-political competition between China and the West. This is because although technical standards are fundamentally set voluntarily and cooperatively to facilitate cross-border trade and the division of labor, they also directly influence the distribution and control of power in global markets.

How can we explain the fact that Chinese engineers are increasingly setting technical and regulatory standards, especially for the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, 6G and electromobility? Will China become dominant as a global standardization power, and how does the interplay between the party-state and companies work in standard setting? What are the implications of this development for foreign companies within China? How should Europe respond to this development?

This event will take place in German. 




Prof. Dr. Maximilian Mayer
Junior Professor of International Relations and Global Technology Policy, University of Bonn

In Conversation:

Dr. Tim Rühlig
German Council on Foreign Relations, Berlin

Dr. Susann Lüdtke
Research Fellow & Associate, China Business and Economics, University of Würzburg


Ann Catrin Riedel
Managing Director of NExT e.V.

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