Das Mittelmeer - „mare nostrum“ der Europäer

14 November 2023 | 18:15-19:45 | Lecture Hall III, Main Building University of Bonn

The Mediterranean is the cradle of Western culture, but it has also always been the scene of conflicts, rival empires and great wars. It connects Europe with Africa, with the Middle East, and via the connection into the Atlantic, as well as via the man-made Suez Canal, with the whole world. At the same time, the sea separates continents and cultures, and for thousands of years has been a natural barrier that is difficult to overcome. Even in the present day, thousands of people die every year trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe, fleeing poverty, hunger and violence.
For the current European economy, European culture, for Europe's strategic position, its weight and impact in the world, the Mediterranean and the neighbouring states are of central importance. Even more than in other regions of the world, Europe is challenged here: Russia and China are vying for influence with the European Union and its allies in NATO. The outcome of this rivalry is anything but predetermined and of utmost importance for Europe's future.
This part of the lecture series will trace the development of the strategic importance of the Mediterranean for Europeans using the example of the operations of the German Navy since the end of the "Cold War". Germany and its navy offer a particularly suitable example. Geographically located in the centre, the Federal Republic is the economically strongest and most populous country in the EU. Its path from continental self-reference, through gradual economic and global political opening, to the reaction to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, is also a good illustration of the Europeans' struggle for their role in the world.The navy has always been at the forefront of this process of German foreign policy and strategic development - albeit often unnoticed, as it was usually deployed far beyond the range of sight of the
of the home coasts."



Dr. Moritz Brake, Corvette Captain d.R., Senior Fellow Center for Advanced Security, Strategic and Integration Studies (CASSIS)


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