European Strategic Dialogue: Redefining the EU-Poland Relationship: The Implications of the Polish Electoral Shift

December 18, 2023 | 12:00 - 01:15 pm | via Zoom

The outcome of the parliamentary elections in Poland signifies a potential shift in the EU-Poland relationship. While Poland under the PiS had a difficult relationship with the EU to the point of questioning its very basis, a government led by Donald Tusk will be a more constructive player, seeking to mend relations with key partners and restore the country’s reputation. However, it would be overly optimistic to believe the new dynamic will resolve all areas of contention. A Poland more closely aligned with the EU will remain a challenging partner. It remains to be seen whether Tusk will be able to deliver on his promises and which strategy he will follow in the context of the upcoming local and European elections.
Poland’s commitment to European security and its role in the EU’s defense initiatives are crucial for the EU. Poland’s geography makes it a crucial player in Europe’s stability and security. This raises the question of how Poland’s new political direction will influence its role within the EU, and what the implications are for the EU member states in fostering and developing this relationship. In this new episode of the European Strategic Dialogue, we will explore these and other questions facing Poland and the EU at the dawn of this new leadership.

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Opening remarks:
Dirk Brengelmann
German Ambassador (ret.) to the Netherlands, CASSIS Senior Fellow

Rolf Nikel
German Ambassador (ret.) to Poland, Vice-President DGAP

Pierre Buhler
French Ambassador (ret.) to Poland

Dr hab. Renata Mieńkowska-Norkiene
Faculty of Political Science and International Studies
University of Warsaw

Joep van Lit
PhD Candidate in Empirical Political Science
Radboud University

Jeroen Dobber
Head of the Global Security Hub at Friedrich Naumann Foundation

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