The Political Geography of Hunger and Famines

19 June 2023 | 18:00 - 19:30 | Genscheralle 3

This research highlights that global food insecurity is rapidly getting worse due to multiple crises happening around the world. These crises involve various problems related to society, health, governance, and the environment, all affecting the world at the same time. The study presents the current distribution of hunger and explores six influential theories that explain the causes of famines.

Through the analysis, a list of 40 countries facing high risks of food insecurity has been identified. These nations urgently need assistance from the international community. The main goal of this research is to increase awareness about the seriousness of global food insecurity and improve our understanding of the significant and challenging task of achieving the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of eradicating hunger by 2030.

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Dr. Michael Brüntrup

Senior Researcher, German Institute of Development and Sustainability


Prof. Dr. Sergio Tezanos

University of Cantabria, CASSIS Associate Fellow


Dr. Rogelio Madrueño

Research Fellow, Center for Advanced Security, Strategic and Integration Studies

In close cooperation of:

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