Two years of 'Zeitenwende' - Inactivity in the changing tides of german security policy?

06. March 2024 | 18:00pm | Festsaal – University of Bonn

The entry into a new era of security policy has presented Germany with major challenges. Since the Russian war of aggression, Germany has found itself in a phase of painful strategic reorientation. Many observers perceive this process as being too slow. For example, the National Security Strategy, which could only be adopted after tough negotiations, symbolises the sluggishness of the changing tides in security policy.

And yet: Something has changed in Germany. Strategic and military issues are being openly discussed. The Minister of Defence enjoys great popularity among the population. The change may be slower than initially assumed, but it is still clearly noticeable.

Recently, other issues such as the "heating law", farmers' protests and climate change have increasingly come to the fore, while the strategic situation worldwide has developed dramatically. Conflicts in the Middle East and disruptions in supply chains are putting pressure on the global security architecture. Donald Trump's possible re-election casts its shadow.

On 6 March, we cordially invite you to join us in the Festsaal of the University of Bonn to discuss the sustainability of the German "turnaround". We are delighted to have Serap Güler (CDU), Sara Nanni (Bündnis90/Die Grünen) and Ulrich Lechte (FDP) as our dialogue partners. With their expertise in foreign and security policy, they will certainly provide interesting insights and stimulating discussions. Following the discussion, we would also like to invite you to an informal reception for in-depth discussions.

The event will be held in cooperation with the Bonner Hochschulgruppe für Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik and Polis180.

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