Workshop with strategic simulation game - Hybrid warfare

02 March 2024 | 09:00 a.m. | Conference room – Genscherallee 3, 53113 Bonn

Europe's security architecture is in a phase of upheaval. Not only since the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine have politicians, researchers and society been looking for ways to understand the ever faster changing situation. However, the foreign policy challenges of the 21st century are fundamentally different from those of the past.

One of these new challenges is hybrid warfare. Societies can be destabilised through the use of cyberattacks, bot armies and propaganda in the online space. Military proxies with a certain degree of credible deniability call into question the old binary distinction between war and peace. Hybrid warfare is forcing modern strategists to think "outside the box" and develop a holistic approach to national security to meet these challenges.

During the workshop, you will be able to develop such a strategy independently as part of a strategic planning game. You will be guided by the German representative at the Hybrid Centre of Excellence (HybridCoE) in Helsinki, Colonel Sönke Marahrens. Colonel Marahrens is a proven expert in applied military research in the fields of modelling and simulation. He will lead the workshop and prepare the subsequent simulation game with his introductory lecture on hybrid warfare and its significance for the Russian attack on Ukraine.

We look forward to welcoming you to this fascinating workshop and immersing you in the world of security policy.

Please use the link to register for this unique event and deepen your understanding of hybrid threats and warfare. We look forward to receiving your registration by 23. February 2024.

The event is being organised in cooperation with the Gesellschaft für Sicherheitspolitik and polis180.

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