12. October 2022

Dr. Frank Umbach im TV-Schaltgespräch zur Rosneft-Übernahme: „Alternative wäre, Erdöl aus Venezuela zu verarbeiten.“ Dr. Frank Umbach im TV-Schaltgespräch zur Rosneft-Übernahme

Dr Frank Umbach in a TV talk with Phoenix on 16. September 2022.

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"If the Druzhba pipeline can no longer be used, oil will have to be brought in as an alternative," says energy expert Frank Umbach. "The Berlin-Brandenburg region will then have to deal with significantly higher oil prices." It is a far-reaching decision - for the PCK refinery in Schwedt, Brandenburg, but also for millions of consumers at the pump, flying or heating: the German government has placed the German subsidiaries of the Russian state-owned company Rosneft under state control. This means that the Federal Network Agency now also has the say at PCK. Until now, petrol, diesel, heating oil, paraffin and other products have been produced there annually from twelve million tonnes of crude oil. PCK supplies Berlin and the north-east. Indirectly, this also affects the rest of the German market: if production in Schwedt does not run smoothly, this can have an impact on supply and prices. Now Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Economics Minister Robert Habeck have given the all-clear: with the decision of the federal government, the location is secured. The 1,200 jobs would be preserved and security of supply would be guaranteed. Scholz spoke of a "good message" and a "decision to protect our country". Is everything now settled?

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