Dr. Umbach: Security, vulnerabilities and protection of critical infrastructures as well as power supply security.

The Chancellor's Power Word - Interview with Frank Umbach, Energy Expert

Dr. Frank Umbach zu weiteren Hilfen für die Ukraine im Phoenix-Interview am 24.10.22

In an interview with Phoenix on 24.10.2022, Dr Frank Umbach talks about further assistance for Ukraine, e.g. by helping to rebuild the destroyed energy infrastructure and economic cooperation. 

Dr Frank Umbach on energy policy in Phoenix interview on 15.11.22

In an interview with Phoenix on 15.11.2022, Dr Frank Umbach talks about German gas policy, security of supply in winter and the implications of importing liquefied gas. 

Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinemann-Grüder im Gespräch mit Phoenix am 24.10.22 zum Wiederaufbau in der Ukraine

Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinemann-Grüder in conversation with Phoenix on 24.10.22 on reconstruction in Ukraine, the ''new Marshall Plan'' and the 5th German-Ukrainian Economic Forum.

Dr. Frank Umbach zur Energieversorgung und Sicherheit kritischer Infrastruktur im Phoenix-Interview am 20.10.22

Dr Frank Umbach talks about the current situation in Ukraine and energy supply in times of war. He also comments on the partial sale of the Port of Hamburg to a Chinese state-owned company and explains why ports are also part of Germany's critical infrastructure.

„Wir hätten schon vor Monaten Brennstäbe bestellen müssen“: Dr. Frank Umbach in an interview at Welt

"We should have ordered fuel rods months ago": Dr Frank Umbach in an interview at Welt on the debate about nuclear power on 18.10.2022. "Every power plant more makes sense," says energy security expert Frank Umbach. However, nuclear power plants have the added advantage of being the best protected against possible physical attacks or cyber attacks.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinemann-Grüder in an interview with Phoenix on the Ukraine war on 19.10.22

Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinemann-Grüder on the course of the Ukraine war and the consequences of Russia's annexation of Ukrainian territories.

"Kreml hält modernstes Gerät noch zurück" - Dr. Joachim Weber in an interview with NTV on 17.11.

For days now, Ukraine has been experiencing a veritable constant bombardment by the Russian army. Dr. Joachim Weber, a security expert at the University of Bonn, estimates that some 5,000 missiles have been fired at Ukraine since the war began. This, he says, points to Russia's "astonishing" reserves.


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