Dr. Frank Umbach im Interview zum Gasstopp: „Gegenwärtig können wir das noch verkraften“

Dr. Frank Umbach on the gas stop in a TV interview with Welt on 03 September 2022. 

Dr. Frank Umbach zur Sabotage an den Nord-Stream-Pipelines am 28.09.22

Dr. Frank Umbach talks about the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines in an interview on Phoenix on 28.09.22.

Dr. Frank Umbach im interview mit NTV: "Befürchte, Stromkrise wird weiter anhalten"

In an interview on NTV, Dr. Frank Umbach talks to presenter Verena Fels about Lindner's proposals for decoupling the price of electricity from the price of gas, supply restrictions on gas and electricity, an excess profits tax, as well as expanding supply by stretching operation and extending the operating lives of NPPs, and domestic unconventional gas extraction (fracking). 

Dr. Frank Umbach im TV-Interview „Wir haben nicht nur eine Energiekrise, sondern auch eine Stromkrise“

Dr. Frank Umbach in TV interview "We don't just have an energy crisis, we also have an electricity crisis" with presenter Alexander Siemon for WeltN24 on 28 August 2022. 

Dr. Frank Umbach im TV-Schaltgespräch zur Rosneft-Übernahme

Dr Frank Umbach in a TV talk with Phoenix on 16. September 2022.

Rebuilding Ukraine: How the EU should support Ukraine's Reconstruction and Recovery

Dr. Iulian Romanyshyn and Dr. Julian Bergmann on reconstruction of Ukraine. 

In der digitalen Abhängigkeit

Prof. Maximilian Mayer discusses the topic of digital dependency in the interplay of globalisation and geopolitics in the Golem.de podcast "Besser Wissen".

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