Warum China gegen seine Tech-Elite vorgeht

Deutsche Welle interviewed Prof. Dr. Maximilian Mayer on China's actions against its own tech elites.

Dr. Katharina Cramer in the podcast „Hypothese: Ukraine“ on 05.07.22

Dr. Katharina Cramer, Senior Fellow, talks about the war in Ukraine and a turning point for large-scale European research projects.

Dr. Frank Umbach at Phoenix on 05.07.22

Dr. Frank Umbach, head of research at the EUCERS cluster, analyzes Finland and Sweden joining NATO and the Ukraine aid summit.

Dr. Frank Umbach in an interview at WeltN24 on 04.07.22

"The prospects are more explosive than they were a month or two ago," says Dr. Frank Umbach, an expert on energy security. In the WELT interview, he explains how rising gas prices are affecting the German economy and consumers.

How Turkey and Russia Are Reshaping the Black Sea Region

Dr. Shushanik Minsayan writes in The National Interest about the Russian-Turkish tandem in the Black Sea region.

Dr. Frank Umbach in an NDR-Interview from 17.06.22

Radio interview for NDR with the editor Stefan Schlag on the reduction of Russian gas exports to Germany, Putin's political motives, a possible complete ban on gas exports to Germany and Europe and the effects on Germany's gas supply.

Europe and China at a Crossroads

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Mayer et. al. write about the relationship between Europe and China against the background of the Ukraine war in The Diplomat.

An uncomfortable friendship? China's Russia problem

Deutsche Welle interviewed Prof. Dr. Maximilian Mayers on the relationship between China and Russia and its geopolitical significance.

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