Hans-Dieter Heumann zur UN-Generalversammlung und Teilmobilisierung Russlands am 22.09.22

Hans-Dieter Heumann, Senior Fellow at CASSIS, talks with Phoenix about the UN General Assembly and the partial mobilization of Russia.

Putins neue Kriegs-Strategie bedeutet „das Ende jeglicher Illusionen“

Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinemann-Grüder in FocusOnline zur Teilmobilmachung in Russland und neue Eskalationsstufen. 

Ukraine-Experte kritisiert Bundesregierung: „Scholz und Lambrecht handeln nach dem Sankt-Florian-Prinzip“

Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinemann-Grüder explains in Focus the actions of the German government in the Ukraine war

Putin’s vision from the mountaintop

Prof. Dr. Thomas Weber explains, how a speech by the Russian leader in a Greek monastery in 2016 holds the key to explaining why Russia is at war today.

Energy expert Umbach: "We not only have an energy crisis, but also an electricity crisis"

Dr. Frank Umbach, head of research at the EUCERS cluster, in an interview with WeltN24 on 28.08.22.

Dr. Joachim Weber in an interview at RTL on 24.08.22

Dr. Joachim Weber, Senior Visiting Fellow, explains the war situation in Ukraine after six months.

Dr. Johanna Möhring in a podcast episode at Franko-Viel on 24.08.22

Dr. Johanna Möhring, research associate at the Henry Kissinger Professorship, on Macron's Russia policy.

Dr. Joachim Weber in an interview at Phoenix on 23.08.22

Dr. Joachim Weber, Senior Visiting Fellow, analyzes the current situation in Ukraine.

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