Der Weg nach Moskau führt über Peking

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Mayer and Nadine Godehardt write in the FAZ about the German government's position between China and Russia.

Bridging the Gulf. America's turn to Asia leads to new partnerships among the Gulf States

Prof. James Bindenagel talks about new partnerships among Gulf states in Security Times' special issue on the Munich Security Conference (in English).

Europas Olympia-Dilemma

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Mayer and Dr. Nadine Godehardt at Table.China with a political science perspective on the Winter Olympics in China.

Russia demands security guarantees but what Putin really wants is Ukraine

At Atlantic Council, Dr. Iulian Romanyshyn, Senior Fellow at CASSIS, highlights Russian interests in the current conflict in Ukraine.

Politische Risiken für deutsche Unternehmen in China sind deutlich größer geworden

Maximilian Mayer in an interview with Stuttgarter Zeitung about Chinese investments and the impact of geopolitics for German companies in China.

Offener Brief an Annalena Baerbock

Dr. Friedbert Pflüger addresses an open letter in Cicero to the new German Foreign Minister.

Und tappen weiter von Krise zu Krise?

An opinion piece in Der Tagesspiegel on the need for Strategic Foresight by our Senior Professor James D. Bindenagel with Prof. Dr. Heinemann-Grüder.

Sicherheitspolitik: Was ist neu, was wird bleiben?

An article by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schlie in Cicero on new emphases in security policy and adjustments to security policy instruments in the coalition agreement of the "Ampel" government.

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