01. January 2019

International Security Forum Bonn 2018 Report International Security Forum Bonn 2018 Report


The International Security Forum Bonn is a high-level international event to ensure a dialogue on contemporary topics of foreign and security politics. Find the 2018 report here.

ISFB 2018 Report
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Over the course of the three-day event, numerous foreign policy and security experts, practitioners, researchers from Europe, Asia, the United States and Russia gathered in the former capital of Germany to engage in lively and in-depth debates on the mounting challenges in international relations.

While the Forum laid a clear thematic focus on Europe and its ambitions to step up to bear more responsibilities in global affairs, the state and future of the transatlantic relationship remained one of the cornerstones of the debates. Increasing mutual understanding and strengthening transatlantic exchange at a time when the longstanding partnership has entered a difficult stage was the underlying theme of this year’s Forum.

In three sessions during the conference on Monday, participants aimed to find answers to three overarching questions:

Are Germany and Europe stepping up to bear more responsibilities in international affairs as the United States withdraws from international leadership?
What are the implications of a rising China for international order and security?
How can global governance and international order adapt to the emerging multipolar world?

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