02. February 2023

Ukraine, NATO and the Black Sea Ukraine, NATO and the Black Sea

Dr. Iulian Romanyshyn

A publication by Dr. Iulian Romanyshyn, Research Fellow of CASSIS on NATO's Black Sea Strategic Alignment.

Ukraine, NATO, and the Black Sea
Ukraine, NATO, and the Black Sea © CASSIS
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Since its occupation of Crimea in 2014, Russia has steadily expanded military capabilities and technical infrastructure on the peninsula, transforming the region into a springboard for offensive military operations in the Black Sea and beyond. Despite growing insecurity and Russian militarization of the region over the years, the transatlantic community has not put as high of a strategic premium on the Black Sea compared to the Baltic region. Russia’s renewed aggression against Ukraine, however, has reshaped the strategic landscape, giving momentum for NATO to remedy its Black Sea defence posture. Greater military support to Ukraine and strengthened forward presence in the area would be key components of a new approach to deterring and confronting Russian aggression.


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