Dialogue Series "Security and Development Policy Consequences of Climate Change in Africa"

Research project in the area of security complex Europe-Africa

Dialogue Series "Security and Development Policy Consequences of Climate Change in Africa"

The dimensions and consequences of climate change pose enormous challenges, especially for Africa. The problems are no longer limited to the more direct consequences, such as water and food shortages or environmental disasters, but climate change also acts in particular as a multiplier of the existing danger situation, exacerbating conflicts, creating new threats and exacerbating existing dangers. In addition to making the security and development consequences and threats related to climate change more visible and better understood, it is also important to find solutions and to focus on the possibilities for action of the actors on the African continent.

In cooperation with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, the six-part dialogue series will focus on the security and development policy consequences of climate change. The aim is to discuss these issues, which are important for the countries of the global south as well as for Germany and Europe, with high-ranking experts and to raise awareness of their importance in public discourse.

The online dialog series will address different facets of climate change in Africa in a total of six Zoom webinars. After an initial introduction to the basic problem areas with their security and development policy aspects, our experts will focus in particular on water and food security as well as energy and resource security. In the closing event, individual best-practice examples from pilot projects will be presented and further discussed to what extent the lessons learned from these examples could be transferred to other African countries in order to look to the future in a solution-oriented manner and to counter the multiple impacts of climate change in Africa with expertise, innovation and a wealth of ideas.

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Dr. Enrico Fels


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Sibel Öztürk-Baştanoğlu


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