Doctoral students supervised by Prof. Dr. Maximilian Mayer

Further details on the individual dissertational projects can be found on the profile pages of the doctoral candidates.

Simona Autolitano
© Simona Autolitano

Simona Autolitano

Digital sovereignty discourses on the European Union’s cybersecurity policy architecture

Nicolas Huppenbauer 2022.04.08 Q.jpeg
© Nicolas Huppenbauer

Nicolas Huppenbauer

Negotiating Connectivity: The Coproduction of Chinese Technopolitics and Transnational Digital Infrastructure

Ruth Knoblich
© Ruth Knoblich

Ruth Knoblich

The Trilemma of Intellectual Property Regulation in Technologically Advanced Countries with Highly Unequal Societies. South Africa as a Case Study

Yen-Chi Lu, M.A.
© Yen-Chi Lu

Yen-Chi Lu

Corporate Power and Peripheral Stacks: Chinese ICT Firms and “Smart Infrastructures” in the Periphery

2022.04.14 Philip Nock.jpeg
© Philip Nock

Philip Nock

Awakening to the Era of Weaponized Interdependence? Semiconductor Production Networks, Sino-US Tech
Competition, and how European Powers Respond

2022.14.04 Frederik Schmitz.jpeg
© Frederik Schmitz

Frederik Schmitz

Feel‘ the Party - Impacts of emotions on the Chinese Communist Party’s legitimacy

Ryan Swan
© Ryan Swan

Ryan Swan

Emerging military technologies & deterrence dynamics

Ningjie Zhu

The Path from Policy Objectives to Digital Functionality: Chinese Party-State Algorithmic Regulation in Social Governance

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