Sibel Öztürk-Bastanoglu

Sibel Öztürk-Baştanoğlu, B.A.

Research assistant to Prof. Dr. Wolfram Hilz

Research assistant dialogue series "Security Policy Consequences of Climate Change in Africa"

Research assistant at the CASSIS Management 


Adress: Römerstraße 164, 53117 Bonn


Sibel Öztürk-Baştanoğlu studied politics and society as well as law at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn and the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich. Her bachelor's thesis focused on the transformation of the transatlantic partnership and its implications for the defense policy of the European Union. Her main areas of interest are the foreign and security policy of the European Union, transatlantic relations, the U.S. political system, and security issues in space. Currently, she is also studying for a Master's degree in Political Science at the University of Bonn. She completed an internship at CASSIS and works as a research assistant at the chair of Prof. Dr. Wolfram Hilz, as well as at the CASSIS office. Furthermore, Ms. Öztürk-Baştanoğlu is a research assistant at the dialogue series "Security Policy Consequences of Climate Change in Africa".

Research Focus

European Security and Defense Policy | Transatlantic Relations | U.S. Political System | Space security policy

Research Projects 

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