25. March 2024

Ulrich Schlie on terror attack near Moscow (Deutschlandfunk) Ulrich Schlie on terror attack near Moscow (Deutschlandfunk)

In an interview with Deutschlandfunk, Ulrich Schlie talks about cultural events as targets of terrorist attacks in the context of last week's attack near Moscow.

Universität Bonn
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Cultural events such as concerts are repeatedly the target of terrorist attacks, as they represent the most sensitive nerve in civil society. The attack on a concert near Moscow shortly after the elections in Russia shows the regime's vulnerability. In the search for culprits, security experts in Europe consider the letter of confession from the so-called Islamic State to be authentic, while in Russia Ukraine is still seen as the mastermind behind the attack. In the future, intelligence work in Germany and around the world must also be given greater focus and information on possible attacks must be shared more effectively in cooperation with partners.

To listen to the interview, click here: Deutschlandfunk

Ulrich Schlie is director of the Center for Advanced Security, Strategic and Integration Studies (CASSIS) and Henry Kissinger Professor of Security and Strategic Studies at the Institute for Political Science and Sociology.

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