11. April 2022

Call for Paper! Call for Paper!

for the anthology "Strategic Competition in Space. Politics, Law, Security and Economics in Space".

for the anthology "Strategic Competition in Space. Politics, Law, Security and Economics in Space".

Call for Paper
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The anthology aims to take stock of current activities, legal framework conditions, political and military conflict lines and cooperation areas as well as further trends and challenges in space for the German-speaking region. Based on this, the legal, military, economic and technological challenges of the growing importance of this strategically significant space will be analysed. On the other hand, Germany's and Europe's ability to act and need for action, possibilities for cooperation as well as the need for international political regulation are to be worked out and examined in more detail and, based on this, political recommendations for action are to be developed.

Contributions on theoretical, conceptual and empirical questions are welcome, reflecting the broad range of disciplines associated with space as a domain of human civilisation (political, economic and social sciences; law and political science; technical and natural sciences).

Possible topics for the proposed articles include, but are not limited to

Framework conditions and actors of the new "Space Age

Competition between traditional and new actors in space
Geopolitical rivalries and possible conflict in space
Significance of space for military, technological, economic and digital developments and innovations
Strategies and policies of selected actors (Germany, Europe, USA, China, etc.)

New Space, economic and technological potentials

Space as a space of the imagination of man and his civilisation Autonomous systems and AI in space
Space mining and resource extraction in space
Boom in space industry and New Space
The problem of space debris and possibilities for action

Sustainable Space and Sustainability

Space debris and possibilities for action
Space as an opportunity for climate protection/Sustainable Development Goals Extraplanetary threats to life on Earth

Space Governance

Cooperation in space - strategies, political instruments, examples, challenges
International legal framework and institutions of multilateral regulation of space activities - stocktaking and perspectives for further development
Competition of regulatory ideas and momentum for unification pressure
Possible model for regulation of the international deep sea area
Necessity and form of a German and European space policy

Deadlines and timetable

What? Abstract of max. 500 words and short CV information

Until when? 20 May 2022

Where? antje.noetzold@phil.tu-chemnitz.de

Further information

The anthology should be published by Springer VS in German; English contributions are possible in exceptional cases with special justification.

Deadline for submission of articles (30,000 to 40,000 characters, including spaces, footnotes, tables and references) is 30 September 2022.

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