14. September 2023

Call for Papers! Call for Paper!

for the anthology „Sicherheitspolitik nach der Zeitenwende. Herausforderungen, Trends und Perspektiven für Deutschland und Europa“

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After Russia's war of aggression on Ukraine, which was perceived as a "turning point" in Germany, both practical security policy and the academic discussion of security policy issues have received a great deal of attention in recent years. But has this proclaimed change in political awareness been accompanied by a transformation in substance? What developments are likely to continue to shape German security policy? The planned anthology invites the reader to systematically present current and future challenges, trends, and perspectives of security policy research after the high-profile proclamation of a turning point in time, to scientifically reflect on actual changes, and to discuss developments beyond the German discourse of the years 2022/2023 in an evidence-based manner.

In-depth contributions on methodological, theoretical, and empirical issues arewelcome, covering the breadth of the debate from defense policy issues to human security, from scientific-conceptual disputes to policy-practicalimplementation. The planned anthology is intended for scholars and practitioners in the fields of international politics,security, diplomacy, and strategy.

Proposed articles may include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

Theory and methodology of security policy research

  • Where does the theoretical and methodological debate of security policy research stand? Are our tools sufficient to understand reality?
  • The connection and overlap of internal and external security, keyword "Intermestics".
  • Revival of realism
  • Securityization today and tomorrow
  • Feminist security policy

Cross-cutting issues and trends

  • Climate change and security policy
  • Technology, cyber and artificial intelligence
  • Space as a sphere relevant to security policy
  • Security challenges in maritime space
  • Impact of current and new great power competitions
  • New global order(s)? From G7 to BRICS+
  • Nuclear weapons and the future of arms control
  • Trends in warfare
  • Polarization, Nationalism, Autocracy
  • Innovation and Knowledge: Science Security?

Geographic and Regulatory Focuses: Regional Security Complexes?

  • A New European Peace and Security Order?
  • Future of the Transatlantic (Security) Partnership
  • The New Middle East: From the Abraham Accords to the Iranian-Saudi Rapprochement
  • The emerging hot zone? East Asia and the Indo-Pacific
  • On the brink of great power conflicts? Sub-Saharan Africa's Security Situation in the 2030s

Governance and practice of security policy

  • Norms and values vs. realpolitik?
  • Between ad hoc alliances and international regimes
  • Crisis management and peace building
  • Importance of security strategies
  • Practical design and implementation of security policy
  • Resilience - More than just a buzzword?
  • Planless despite strategic foresight

Deadlines and timetable

What? Abstract of max. 500 words and short CV information.

By when? December 01, 2023 (feedback from editors by January 15, 2024).

Where? sammelband_sicherheit@uni-bonn.de

Additional information

All submitted papers will undergo a review process by the editors or external reviewers. The anthology is to be published in German in the "Security, Strategy & Innovation" series of CASSIS at Springer VS; English submissions are possible in exceptional cases with special justification and will be translated.

Deadline for submission of articles (5,000 to 7,000 words, including footnotes and tables) is June 01, 2024. Planned publication date is early 2025.

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