02. March 2024

Workshop on hybrid warfare Workshop on hybrid warfare

What does hybrid warfare mean and how can it be countered? On 2 March 2024, the Gesellschaft für Sicherheitspolitik, together with CASSIS and Polis180, organised an interactive workshop on this highly topical question. Students from the Master's programme "Strategy and International Security" (MSIS) also took part in the simulation game.

Teilnehmende beim Planspiel
Teilnehmende beim Planspiel © CASSIS
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The current foreign policy challenges differ from those of the past due to the modern - hybrid - form of warfare. Threats such as the use of cyber attacks, bot armies and propaganda in the online space require innovative responses. After a presentation by Colonel Sönke Marahrens, the German representative at the Hybrid Centre of Excellence (HybridCoE) in Helsinki, participants discussed strategies to meet this new challenge. In the simulation game, the MSIS students were able to demonstrate their knowledge of the European security architecture and contribute creative solutions.

Organisatorinnen und Organisatoren des Workshops
Organisatorinnen und Organisatoren des Workshops © CASSIS

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