31. January 2024

"Everything is connected with her: Macron, Germany and Europe." "Everything is connected with her: Macron, Germany and Europe."

Dr Landry Charrier in conversation

Dr Landry Charrier talks about the growing strength of the Rassemblement National in the Franco-German dialogue. He warns of the consequences that a strong showing by the right-wing populists in the European elections in June could have, focusing in particular on France's relationship with Germany.

Universität Bonn
Universität Bonn © CASSIS
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The Rassemblement National under Marine Le Pen is at an all-time political high. At 31%, it is currently well ahead of the governing Renaissance party in the polls. Le Pen has succeeded in stylising the European elections in June into a referendum on the presidency - now she sees herself on a direct path to the Élysée Palace.
Should the right-wing populists actually win the presidency in 2027, politically turbulent times are looming. As a renowned expert on Franco-German relations, Dr Charrier explains what impact a Le Pen presidency could have on Germany and the European Union. He urgently warns against fatalism, both in France and in Germany, and calls for a strengthening of Franco-German co-operation and institutions.

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