21. April 2021

Konfliktraum Arktis. Die Großmächte und der Hohe Norden Konfliktraum Arktis. Die Großmächte und der Hohe Norden

Dr. Joachim Weber

Latest book by Dr. Joachim Weber on the Arctic conflict zone.

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Just a decade ago, who in Central Europe cared about the Arctic? But within just a few years, climate change and geopolitical power shifts have turned the remote ice desert into a space that is attracting more and more players. First and foremost, the major powers are staking out their areas of interest in the High North. Russia has remilitarized the region, and China is waiting in the wings. What is the United States doing about it, and what do the Europeans want?

In his new book, Joachim Weber, editor of the international standard work on geopolitics and security policy in the Arctic, discusses the most important security policy developments in recent years around the High North with a team of proven Arctic experts. And answers the key questions that will determine the political face of the Arctic of tomorrow.

With contributions by Rasmus Gjedssø Bertelsen, Johannes Mohr and Andreas Raspotnik.

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