15. February 2024

Report | Bonn Vision Lab – Envisioning Zeitenwende Report | Bonn Vision Lab – Envisioning Zeitenwende

Authors: Maximilian Schranner, Philip Nock, Fenja Wiluda, Frederik Schmitz

The Bonn Vision Lab 2030 brought together young scientists at CASSIS to share their visions for the coming years. The results and methodology of the workshop were summarized in the report.

Universität Bonn
Universität Bonn © Polis180
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The "Bonn Vision Lab 2030: Envisioning Zeitenwende" gathered over 30 young academics and practitioners from across Europe at CASSIS in Bonn to discuss the future security policy of Europe and Germany. With the aim of shaping a new generation motivated to take responsibility and guided by a forward-looking approach, the workshop discussed foreign and security policy strategies for the time after the "turn of an era". The open platform was designed to ensure that tomorrow's decision-makers play an active role in shaping the future by exploring goals, means and visions for European and German strategic action on the world stage. This report describes the results and methodology of the workshop and provides a blueprint for future projects.

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