23. March 2024

The security significance of space and NewSpace in the Ukraine war - political implications for the military and commercial use of space The security significance of space and NewSpace in the Ukraine war

In her new publication, PD Dr. Antje Nötzold sheds light on the increased importance of space as a new domain of warfare in the Ukraine war. In particular, she focuses on the role of private sector actors in the course of the developments surrounding "New Space".

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The current war in Ukraine shows the new, expanded importance of space, especially commercial space systems in conflicts and wars. With the diverse and extensive use of space-based commercial systems and services, the NewSpace industry has actively participated in the defense of Ukraine and demonstrated a new dimension of space in warfare. The article first presents the strategic importance of space for the military, the vulnerability of space capabilities and the challenges of protecting them. It then outlines the impact of space-related incidents at the beginning of the Ukraine war and emphasizes the crucial role of space capabilities in Ukraine's warfare. On the one hand, the article highlights the importance of space by showing the involvement of non-state actors of the NewSpace industry in this war and draws conclusions for the future role of space and commercial space actors in conflicts and wars. Secondly, it sheds light on the consequences, necessary adjustments and the need for political action and regulation with regard to three aspects: 1) military and warfare, 2) the relationship between states and commercial players in the NewSpace industry and 3) Europe's space policy.

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