19. December 2023

Energy technology, climate change, and security in Anthropocene Energy technology, climate change, and security in Anthropocene

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Mayer & Dr. Susanne Peters

Prof. Dr Maximilian Mayer & Dr. Susanne Peters discuss the security implications arising from the interplay between energy security, new energy technologies and the dynamics of climate change in an article for the newly published "Handbook on Climate Change and International Security", 

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Energy security is an existential concern for modern societies. The interdisciplinary literature on energy and climate security is helpful to understand the underlying dynamics that range from the volatility of global energy markets and geopolitical factors to the technical and financial results of decarbonization of energy systems, all of which might signal a structural crisis. At the nexus of energy, climate change, and technical systems arise a complex set of security problems that impacts and is simultaneously shaped by political dynamics at the household, city, national, and even planetary scales. Conceptual shifts are crucial in shaping policymakers and technological choices and emerging threat perceptions. This chapter explores how our understanding of energy and climate security has developed. How is energy security affected by the current reconfiguration of energy infrastructures and emission policies? Which new vulnerabilities and dependencies come with climate change and the transition to renewable energies? What are the political ramifications of non-renewable technologies intended to stabilize earth climate on security?

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