24. March 2023

Foreign policy disaster for France Foreign policy disaster for France

by Dr. Johanna Möhring

In her text for the Franco-German dialogue, Dr Johanna Möhring describes the war in Ukraine as the meltdown of French foreign policy in recent years.

Universität Bonn
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For Emmanuel Macron, Russia's open war against Ukraine is the greatest possible geopolitical catastrophe - a catastrophe for which French foreign and defence policy was not prepared. This is one of the reasons why France's Russia policy has been contradictory and hesitant in recent months. This is because Russia continues to play a central role in France's geopolitical understanding. The military aggression of the Russian Federation has now increased Europe's dependence on the USA and NATO and reduced the importance of the Franco-German tandem. France therefore plans to modernise its military capabilities and focus on international partnerships in order to strengthen its strategic autonomy.

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