German-French Strategic Dialogue

Status and prospects of Franco-German security relations.
Germany and France are uniquely linked in their goals by a variety of political, economic and social interdependencies and the structures of their bilateral cooperation. Franco-German cooperation is also exemplary for a large number of other bilateral relations. However, the consequences of the Corona pandemic, the dimensions of which cannot be foreseen at this point in time, as well as another multitude of strategic challenges - in the Balkans, in the Mediterranean region and in the neighborhoods with Turkey or Ukraine - challenge Europe today more than ever. Europe is in need of leadership - leadership that is unimaginable without France and Germany.

Germany and France have a unique network and proven structures of cooperation. Nevertheless, the Franco-German relationship has fallen short of its potential in recent years. Thus, the definition of common strategic spaces and the in-depth discussion of a common strategy have fallen short. In addition, long-standing cooperation projects have suffered due to misperceptions, misunderstandings and insufficient trust in their implementation. The underlying causes are complex: the more complex environment, the larger number of member states, the loss of mutual trust, failed cooperation projects, national egoisms that were thought to have been overcome, self-imposed restrictions, different "systems" and cultures.

In the context of an interdisciplinary research project, the focus is on an analysis of differences and commonalities between Germany and France concerning their respective world views and strategic cultures. In addition, future fields of action will be identified and how Franco-German relations can provide even more groundbreaking impulses for Europe and the world in the future.


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