01. December 2022

Digitalisierung: Erst abgehängt, dann abhängig Digitalisierung: Erst abgehängt, dann abhängig

Prof. Maximilian Mayer and the president of the Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand (bitmi) call in the tagesspiegel background for a more strategic digital policy from the German government that also takes global dependencies in the technology sector into account.

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The coalition agreement gave rise to hopes of a genuine digital awakening. Now, almost 100 days after the adoption of the federal government's digital strategy, this ambition has noticeably lost momentum. As a result, not only is the urgently needed digital transformation of the economy, the state and society stalling. We are also threatening to squander the opportunity to shape this transformation in a self-determined way. Current studies warn that we are now worryingly dependent on Chinese and U.S. technologies, which will further restrict our room for maneuver in the future. In order to free ourselves from this dependency and harness the potential of our own digital economy, however, policymakers would have to do much more than is envisaged in the digital strategy.

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