18. November 2021

Corona-Management der Regierung: "Das ist willentliche Planlosigkeit" Corona-Management der Regierung: "Das ist willentliche Planlosigkeit"

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Mayer in conversation with Deutschlandfunk Nova about the fourth COVID-19 wave.

The fourth wave
The fourth wave © -
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There have been new highs in corona incidences for days. The situation in the hospitals is getting worse and worse. Many experts think that politicians are once again consulting too late on how to deal with the rising numbers. Political scientist Maximilian Mayer explains what is going wrong with communication and management in the Corona pandemic. He also says what needs to change in this regard.

Even though there is no new government yet, time is pressing in the Corona crisis. The Bundestag votes on Thursday (Nov. 18, 2021) on legislative plans with new requirements. Many experts think this is too late. One of them is the political scientist Maximilian Mayer. Together with other scientists, he has therefore written an open letter to those responsible and called on them to act.

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