Publication series "Security, Strategy & Innovation"

Publication goal of the series:

2-3 publications per year (incl. Dissertations, Anthologies, Habilitations)


The beginning of the 21st century is characterized by dynamic system competition between influential states against the global background of political-economic, socio-cultural, technical-industrial and ecological interdependencies. In addition to worrying conventional threats such as geopolitical rivalries between major powers and clandestine terrorist structures, global megatrends such as the effects of climate change, disruptive technological innovations, migration and demographic trends are becoming increasingly important for security policy and require strategic consideration.
Building on an expanded concept of security, the aim of the series "Security, Strategy & Innovation" is to address urgent security policy issues for Germany and Europe in an interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary manner. The aim is to work out which strategic thinking and action can meet the complex challenges of a world that is closely networked after several decades of advanced globalization. Contributions to this series explicitly present the methodological and/or conceptual exchange between disciplines such as political science strategy and security research, innovation and technology research, peace, conflict and development research, as well as relevant approaches from Anthropology, Sociology, Agricultural Sciences, Geography, Law and Ecology.
The transdisciplinary series "Security, Strategy & Innovation" aims to bring forward-looking strategic argumentation and thematic fields as well as innovative conceptual and methodological approaches into the German and European security policy debate. The aim is to provide a realistic, empirically based and practice-oriented picture of significant developments relevant to security policy and of the strategic challenges that need to be overcome, which will both contribute to academic research and inform the actions of responsible decision-makers in security policy fields.
Volumes can be published in German or English.


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