27. Juni 2022

How Turkey and Russia Are Reshaping the Black Sea Region How Turkey and Russia Are Reshaping the Black Sea Region

Dr. Shushanik Minsayan schreibt in The National Interest über das russisch-türkische Tandem in der Schwarzmeerregion.

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In recent years, Eurasia has become a crucial geopolitical space, where world powers define their interests through historical, social, and cultural narratives. In particular, the Black Sea region has become increasingly enmeshed in a web of overlapping political, military, trade, and energy interests of global and traditional great land powers. Due to its geographic position between several strategic ellipses, the Black Sea region allows for power projection onto the European continent, mainly in the Balkans and Central Europe, but also in the Eastern Mediterranean, South Caucasus, and the northern Middle East. How are Turkey and Russia reshaping the Black Sea Region?

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