25. Juni 2024

MSIS: UN Security Council Simulation MSIS: UN Security Council Simulation

As part of our seminar "The United Nations Security Council in times of turmoil" of our Master's Programme "Strategy and International Security" (MSIS) we held a two-day simulation on the UN Security Council.

UN Security Council Simulation
UN Security Council Simulation © CASSIS
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The goal of this two-day event was to learn about the working methods and impact of the United Nations Security Council, for this reason the students were asked to develop and adopt a resolution on the topic of security in the black sea and the Bosporus straits, connected with the issue of food security. In two exciting and intensive sessions the details of the resolution were formulated. In advance of the simulation, our students were asked to become familiar with the stance of their state by preparing a position paper. The UN Security Council simulation was chaired by Johanna Fietze and Ilka Mattes, who both have previous experience with simulations of committees of international organisations.

Presentation on the Procedure of Motions
Presentation on the Procedure of Motions © CASSIS
Discussion within the Group
Discussion within the Group © CASSIS
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