01. Januar 2018

International Security Forum Bonn 2017 Report International Security Forum Bonn 2017 Report


The International Security Forum Bonn is a high-level international event to ensure a dialogue on contemporary topics of foreign and security politics. Find the 2017 report here.

ISFB 2017 Report
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Uncertainty marks the present and future of European and transatlantic security. What kind of world order will emerge from the current crisis of liberal multilateralism? Can Europe and the U.S. move forward together in spite of major internal conflict? American and European experts and practitioners of foreign and security policy convened on October 25, 2017, in Bonn for the second International Security Forum to discuss these and other pressing issues in international affairs. Current and former staff of the German and American foreign and defense ministries, members of German, French, Hungarian, American and Russian research institutions as well as German policy-makers on the regional and national level debated the future of German and American security policy and its repercussions for an international order in three lively sessions.


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