01. Januar 2020

International Security Forum Bonn 2019 Report International Security Forum Bonn 2019 Report


The International Security Forum Bonn is a high-level international event to ensure a dialogue on contemporary topics of foreign and security politics. Find the 2019 report here.

ISFB 2019 Report
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The International Security Forum serves as a platform to convene distinguished international security experts as well as practitioners of security and foreign policy to debate current challenges in international security, identify successful German, European and transatlantic foreign and security policy, and discuss comprehensive strategic solutions. 

The conference is marked by open discussion and direct conversation. Through the thematic and regional expertise of its participants, the Forum offers insights into the most pressing issues confronting policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as featuring experts from Russia, China, and Europe. To encourage open discussion, the Forum follows the Chatham House Rule. 

This year, the Forum will last for three days including scenario round-tables with young professionals as well as a special focus day on „cyber security and artificial intelligence“.


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