Quelle stratégie (européenne) face à l'explosion des cybermenaces? (Reihe "Deutsch-Französischer Strategischer Dialog")

May 13th 2020

Léo Isaac-Dognin and Jean-Louis Gergorin represent in their new book "Cyber. La guerre permanente", Léo Isaac-Dognin and Jean-Louis Gergorin argue that the military use of cyberspace is nothing less than a strategic revolution. It changes the balance of power in that now even (financially) weak actors are equipped with new types of "weapons" which, compared to an aircraft carrier, can be used cheaply, effectively and without violence. Cyberspace is therefore one of the "areas" from which most threats to the stability of our democracies and world peace could emanate in the future. The plea: the European Union urgently needs to "invest" in strategic foresight and to reflect on options for action. But how could a strategy look like that would respond adequately to these threats? The lecture and the discussion moderated by Prof. Schlie will explore these aspects.


This lecture will be held in german and french.

Lecture and panel discussion from the 13.05.2020.

Via Livestream of the bpb:medienzentrum Bonn

Dr. Leo Isaac-Dognin
Senior Consultant bei Capgemini

Dr. Jean-Louis Gergorin
Former french diplomat

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In cooperation with AmerikaHaus NRW e.V. and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.

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